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3rd June 2013
Following on from a successful UK tour with Fish, Lu Cozma and Steve Askew will again be supporting him on the final legs of his UK tour. 16th September at The Junction in Cambridge and 16th November at The Assembly Rooms in Royal Leamington Spa.

6th May 2013
A new date has been added to this years gig list - Ox-Fest will be hosting Lu and Steve on Saturday 13th July. See tour dates for details.

12th April 2013
Lu & Steve will be live on the Mike Read Radio show on BBC Radio Berkshire on Friday 19th April at 3pm, and later that evening they will be performing at Goring Unplugged. See tour dates for info.
8th April 2013

Lu & Steve are confirmed to play an intimate gig at The Grey Horse pub in Elvington, York inbetween 2 Fish dates on Friday 24th May.

15th March 2013
An interview with Steve and myself and a selection of our songs from Lockdown and RED is now available to hear on podcast. Many thanks to David Bailey & Worldwide Routes for a fab show ... Happy Friday everyone and greetings to new listeners in Bosnia and Herzegovina :)

9th March 2013
The first reviews are coming in for Lockdown. Here is one from All Hollow (click here)

4th March 2013

Lu Cozma and Steve Askew release their long awaited EP - Lockdown, and its available WORLDWIDE...RIGHT NOW!!

The EP is available to download from iTunes and via the usual digital outlets, and we are now taking orders for the EP on CD.

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The Lockdown EP is a prelude to the duo's forthcoming album and also their UK tour in support of former Marillion frontman, 'Fish'

The EP sees the release of 4 brand new tracks written at REDdot Studio in Bedfordshire.

'Lockdown', 'Snow White Room', 'White Noise' and 'Breathing Underwater'
The music speaks for itself. It has no agenda. The only thing it's born from is a desire to be true to itself. It's a musical union of dark tones electronic beats, radio penetrating melodic structures, interweaving acoustic and electric guitar and taking on a sonic and lyrical journey with every beat.

We also have 2 new dates in the calendar. 21st July at Campbell Park in Milton Keynes, and 25th August at Hobbles On The Cobbles in Aylesbury. We are also working on an extra date during the Fish support tour for May 24th, which we hope to announce later this week.

17th February 2013

Lu and Steve will be performing tracks from the EP and from RED at The Bedford, in Balham, London on February 26th.

Doors open at 8pm and the event can be watched LIVE on the internet at

2nd February 2013
Lu and Steve will be performing tracks from the new EP at The Hertford Corn Exchanges Live Sessions between 2:30 and 6pm on Sunday 3rd March. Its a free entry gig, so please do come along.

13th January 2013

We are very pleased to announce that Lu & Steve will be supporting Fish on
7 dates of his 2013 UK tour this year.

May 22nd 2013 - Stanford
May 23rd 2013 - Warrington
May 25th 2013 - Holmfirth
May 26th 2013 - Wolverhampton
May 29th 2013 - Islington
May 30th 2013 - Bath
June 1st 2013 - Southampton

The former Marillion frontman's solo material, built on his already solid reputation as singer and songwriter defies trends and fashion and it's a brave statement in these days of banal musical small talk. His career, spanning almost 20 years of the entertainment industry, is notable for his charismatic stage performances and uncompromising lyrics.

Don't miss out - get your Fish - with support from Lu Cozma with Steve Askew tickets now and see the incredible live show around the UK in May 2013!

Lu & Steve will also be performing on May 4th at The Landed Festival in Mid Wales. See tour dates for more info.

4th January 2013
Lu and Steve will be supporting The John Young Band on the 1st March in Colchester and 8th March in Witney, Oxon. See Tour Dates for details.

26th November 2012
New gig dates announced including a fantastic support for Fish (original lead singer with Marillion) in May 2013, Music Festival in June, and many more to come.

November 2012

New website launches with Lu's new image and featuring her writing and performing partner Steve Askew. You can find out all about Lu and Steve by clicking in the About Lu link in the menu above.

A brand new EP is due for release very soon, which will be followed up by a full album in Spring 2013 and also a UK Festival Tour.

A message from Lu:

It has indeed been a fair ole wait for a follow up album to be born and take its first intake of breath in to the big wide world. I am immensely grateful to all you beautiful people for your patience and generosity of spirit - hanging on in there with us.
I do believe a brief explanation is due …

Several years ago I read Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote ‘Do one thing every day that scares you’. I think without knowing it, I put that to the test and scared the living b’jeez out of myself! Foreign lands beckoned, reeling me in to experience different tastes, sights and sounds. Teetering precariously on the edge of an emotional precipice, courage was the only option. I’m glad it was so, for only in that inner space, growth and a renewed desire for inner creative territories could be found, explored and conquered.

I’m sat here at my desk, transporting myself into memories of that time away; photo slides in my mind of where I’ve been and all those wonderful souls I’ve met along the way. They bring a smile to my face and a wave of pure gratitude.
Some of these snap shots I’ll impart to you .

There’ve been folklore moments I’ve shared with eight foot high Marionettes and dancing Princess’s from far reaching provinces. I’ve tangoed with clowns and doglike caricatures, jumped through hoops with acrobatic cowboys, through spaghetti western frontiers on the back of mobile lorries in sun filled, summer scented, green parks and spaces. Consoled in the dead of night, a bear with a sore head and listened, attentive, to his ancient lament; encountered palinca induced camp fire joviality with friends old and new. I’ve been bill-boarded on underground tube stations, rags and glossies, airwaves and telly. Show cased song, story and truth with like-minded creators of jazz, rock and blues. I’ve interviewed and nattered with stars and elite and moved by the harsh journeys of helpless babes, the destitute and down trodden.

It sounds like a far-fetched children’s book and I wouldn’t blame you if it has crossed your mind as so. It’s all factual – a magnificently strange, funny, extraordinarily fruitful period of my life with highs and lows beyond measure.

Creativity can take many shapes and forms and so too can life and its lessons. They have been the highlight of my existence. An awakening …
The unveiling of a new chapter, a new album, new textures and life force will be announced shortly.
The adventurous journey continues without further ado.

Lu Cozma features on the album 'Oracle' by The Circuit Symphony which was released worldwide today. Lu provides fantastic vocals on the track 'New Romantic'. The track is also available in 2 versions - Extended and radio edits. Check it out on iTunes!

The track also features bass by Nick Beggs (Steve Wilson, Kajagoogoo, Kim Wilde)

Lu is currently in the studio writing and recording the follow up to her critically acclaimed debut album - RED and will be back on the road touring throughout Europe on 2013 She will be writing with her collaborator on Red, Kajagoogoo's Steve Askew.

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REDdot Music at

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