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Steve Askew - Writer, Producer and Performer.

Steve Askew, guitarist with 80's pop group Kajagoogoo, has had a long love affair with the music industry.

His first band, Art Nouveau was formed in Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire. The band featured Steve Askew on Vocals and Guitars, Nick Beggs on Vocals and Bass, Stuart Croxford Neale on Synthesisers and backing vocals and Jez Strode on Drums, backing vocals and electronic percussion.

They performed futuristic, avant guard, new romantic, ska, punk, progressive and even jazz rock influenced music…..like nothing else at the time.

In 1980 they released the single "Fear Machine" with a distribution deal through Pinnacle. This became record of the week in ‘Sounds’ and even had John Peel giving it airtime.

In 1981, Kajagoogoo were formed and in January 1983, Too Shy rose to the top of the charts in 7 different countries and became a top 5 in the U.S.

Following the departure of Limahl and the split of the band, Steve Askew formed Smalltown Elephants with Paul Turley (Drums/Keyboards) and Andy Fitzgerald (Vocals).

After extensive gigs, an appearance on "The Tube" and touring with A-ha (successful Norwegian band) the band signed to Polydor Records in the summer of 1988 and released the single "Walking on Ice".

In 1990, Askew went on to form Christmas Island with Jim Murphy (Vocals/Guitar), Paul Turley (Drums), & Doug Sinclair (Bass). The band made and produced a showcase video using Super 8 footage shot in New York. This caught the attention of Simon Phillips (Producer/Drummer) and they recorded and mastered a collection songs.

In 1992 Baby Boomerang was formed with Paul Turley (Drums/Keyboards) & Liz Lentin (Vocalist). Primarily a writing project, they received a development deal with East West Records. Due to the fact it cost so much for studio time Askew started to develop his own studio, where he continued to work and record several artists between 1992 and 2001.

Askew was introduced to Lu Cozma in 2001 as a writing partner, but soon felt they had a synergy between them and combined their creative ideas.
"I had a wealth of acoustic ideas and melodies and sketchy lyrics but no filter or vehicle" Askew says.
"Lu has such a beautiful pure voice which complimented my acoustic and electric approach to the songs".

In 2003, Askew was teaching guitar to local residents of Leighton Buzzard. One of his students came in to make a demo for a GCSE grade. Askew arranged and played on the recordings for her, and then was introduced to her singing friend who had a very clean pure voice, but different from anything else.
The band were named Industrial Salt.

He formed a partnership to record and produce Industrial Salt with his old stable mate Nick Beggs. The project took them to Japan where Askew and Beggs performed as part of the band for Industrial Salt. They performed at the Nano Mugen Festival and at The Yokohama Stadium and had a number 3 hit in the Japanese charts.

In 2007/8, Askew and Lu Cozma toured with Hazel O' Connor on her tour of the UK. In 2008 he reformed with Kajagoogoo where the band had renewed success in Germany and Poland and performed their first UK tour in 27 years.

2010 saw Askew renew his interest in music production and as such he set up REDdot Music Ltd. with his manager and business partner Glenn Kelly.

The company helps record and produce aspiring musicians as well as being a vehicle for artists to release their music digitally.

As well as writing and performing with Lu Cozma, Steve Askew is currently writing his first solo album - due for release in late 2013.

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